About the artist

My early life was spent in an environment that was rich with color and design. The Hispanic, and Native American influences in the small village I lived in as a child surrounded me, helping to create the warp on which my life has been woven. 

I grew up in New Mexico by the banks of the Rio Grande in the shadow of the majestic Sandia Mountains. New Mexican life is not only rich with tradition but also with color and natural phenomena.

I was lucky to have a family that valued the natural beauty of the land. Many days my grandfather and I roamed the mountains around his house, exploring caves and rocky outcrops, collecting fossils, and learning about the plants and animals. At night we would all lie about on the warm granite boulders telling stories, while watching the sunset over the ancient volcanos to the West.  I gardened with my Mother and irrigated the rich soil of the Rio Grande valley with my Father. This was the environment that served as my earliest inspiration. 

Just before my twelfth birthday we moved to Ethiopia and I experienced an exciting new array of earthy colors, plants and exotic designs in the great Horn of Africa. A few years later I took my first trip to Guatemala, where I relished the explosion of color in the indigenous weavings that incorporated the flowers and plants of the region. 

And as an adult I spent several years in Australia where the flora of that continent differed from any I had ever seen. Aboriginal cultures possess a respect for the earth not unlike of the cultural traditions of my youth. 

Explore! -Lisa 

My lifetime of travel and exposure to nature
and to the cultures that celebrate their sense of place,
has been my inspiration. It has moved me to create 

that serves as a portal for exploring the beauty that surrounds us.

While photographing geologic phenomena, the glorious colors and textures present in the rocks excited my interest to elaborate my images for use in the world of textile and surface design.

Applying many years of photographic experience, design, and a lifelong interest in science, enabled me to construct these unique surface designs. I'm moved to create art works that serve as a portal for exploring the beauty that surrounds us. My inspiration comes from years of travel,  from the colors of the African Rift Valley to the Aboriginal landscapes of Australia, of the indigenous weavings of Latin America and the Hispanic and Native American influences of my youth.       --Lisa Verploegh, 2018